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welcome back at 4:15. a live look at union station. if you have to venture out this morning, you need to take it slowly. yesterday's snow is mixing with freezing rain, ice and slush makinging for a dangerous drive. we just heard from the federal government. it is open with a two-hour delay arrival. you have the option for an unscheduled leave or telework. all school closings are running at the bottom of your screen. our coverage of storm team 4. drivers are dealing with messy roads as well. a steady flow of snow, sleet, and freezing roads left a mess out there. a county transportation leader says drivers should expect slick spots as you head to work this
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morning. >> he's been sleeping, you know. the road is not clean. >> our neighborhood is not good at all. yeah. so once we got on the main road, it's not too bad. >> as the rain came down, it froze and turned some parking lots into solid sheets of ice. be careful out there when when you're walking to your car as well. and if you're about to head out the door, you might soon hear this. good times. that's that familiar sound of ice scrapers. they'll be heard all over the area it this morning. the vdot out in full force with salt trucks and plows making it safer for those of us who are working on this this snowy start to the week. >> luckily tomorrow is my day off. very lucky. >> just hopefully it warms up some and it's all right when i have to come to work. >> last night quite a few northern virginians put the final touches on their snow prep. heading out to many of the stores, the hardware stores
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around the area to pick up shovels and de-icer. the d.c. crews have cleared the streets already for most of us already. our coverage of this winter storm just getting started. tom and chuck checking the latest models to bring you the most up-to-date forecast. we have a pro-tuesdayer monitorimo producer monitoring the school closings. check out the conditions fans in philadelphia had to brave yesterday to watch the eagles play the detroit lions. the blinding snow actually made it difficult to see what was going on. i can't imagine what the players were dealing with. the philadelphia area saw anywhere from 4-10 inches of snow. the snow and freezing rain in our area made for a sloppy game at fedex field. one redskins field will soon want to forget. snow covered the field for most of the game wreaking havoc on the burgundy and gold who gave up three touchdowns on kick returns. the nasty weather and massey game convinced most fans to stay
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home or leave early. the attendance the lowest ever since the stadium opened in 1987. >> it's heartbreaking. we've been here three years. i've never seen the stadium that empty. just to know that the fans kind of gave up on us, that kind of hurts. >> the 45-10 pounding is the redskins most lopsided loss of the season. and to add salt to the wound mike shanahan's future being called into question this morning. after the game shanahan failed to deny a report that he was close to quitting a year ago. espn reported shanahan cleaned out his office before last year's playoff game against the seahawks because he was tired of the relationship between owner dan snyderer and robert griffin iii. the report says shanahan believed snyder was giving griffin special treatment. it is now 4:18. happening in the district, a d.c. police officer will be in court after being charged with
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producing child pornography. officer marc washington was arrested a week ago after it surfaced that he took a suggestive photo of a juvenile, most likely the court will release the seven-year vet rap of the force on 24-hour home detention complete with a gps monitor. later today former san diego mayor filner will be in court for the sentencing phase of his sexual harassment case. he pled guilty in october and resigned as mayor in august after several women accused him of mistreatment. the judge is expected to approve a plea bargain that does not include any jail time. nearly 6,000 princeton university students will have the chance to receive a meningitis vaccine not yet licensed in the u.s. they had an outbreak of meningitis that is not covered in fda-approved vaccines. last month the fda gave the school the go-ahead to administer a shot widely approved in europe and australia. since march seven princeton students have contracted that illness r. nz
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illness. members of congress set a deadline for this friday the 13th to come up with a budget deal. remember when the government shut down ended in october it was only fund ed to stay open through january 15, which is fast approaching. mm-hmm. 4:20 on this monday morning and the storm team 4 weather team has been hard at work through the weekend. you're looking live now at reagan national. >> let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein to get an idea what's happening with our weather today. tom? the storm is winding down. the high-resolution short-term models. we're seeing this scattered area of freezing rain we've had overnight really beginning to break down here quickly and the projections are for the next couple of hours we'll see it pretty much ending, which is great news, but we still have some of those areas in pink, areas of some scattered freezing rain that is continuing to move off from the southwest heading northeast. areas you see in the green are
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cones of light rain in spotsylvania county and southern may maryland, the eastern shore. the area in the pink still getting light icing. 0.1 of an inch of ice in washington to as much as a quarter of an inch of icing across much of loudoun county, parts of northern montgomery county, a crust of ice on top of that snow into carroll and further south and west, prince william and into fauquier county they've had about a tenth of an inch of icing. much of fairfax county has had a tenth of an inch of icing. here in northwest washington much of it is broken up further south and east of us. right now the temperatures are a key factor with all of this. it is above freezing. nearby suburbs are at about 32 degrees. further west and north it is below freezing hovering upper 20s to right around 30 degrees. so we're going to stay right near the freezing mark between now and about 9:00.
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so some more scattered, light freezing rain between now and then. then by 10:00 i think we'll be above freezing. by noon just some rain. and then cloudy during the af r afternoon. we'll reach the upper 30s. could get some snow tomorrow. how much might we get? chuck bell is checking on that the chuck? good morning, tom. and good morning, everybody. yes, indeed. a moderate burst of rain showers here on the front lawn of channel 4 and with temperatures flirting with the freezing mark, real careful for the ice this morning. now about tomorrow, yes, indeed, another ripple of low pressure racing in our direction. cold air already in place. this next one for tomorrow focusing on mainly the daylight hours starting around sun rise and done around sunset should be mostly in the form of snow with all the cold air in place. generally speaking in and around town i think two inches on the low end and as many as 4 inches. north and west, higher elevation more cold air could do a little bit better just like the one we had. tomorrow could be in that 3-6
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inch rain. tomorrow could be tricky, too. >> yes, indeed. and highs tomorrow after all that tapers off, only into the mid-30s. well below freezing on wednesday. did you know to the low 20s. afternoon highs with some sunshine, welcome sunshine back. in the mid-30s. another cold morning on thursday morning. thursday afternoon should make it just into the mid-30s. over the weekend as we get to the end of the week, still sunny friday, upper 30s and warmer weather on the weekend. so next chance of any rain at all is going to be liquid rain, no snow or sleet, saturday just some rain a, mid-40s. sun back with highs in the low 40s. now let's check on our traffic and road conditions. here is maynard edwards. good morning. thank you, tom. we do have that downed tree cavalier drive at valley wood in woodbridge. tracking a new accident outer loop at vandorn it. you can see crews on the scene dealing with that one. and here is a live look in the district. pennsylvania aech at minnesota
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avenue. now the streets look to be wet. as you can see from the icicles hanging in front of our camera, you are going to run in a icy patches. be mindful of your speeds as you're driving in and around town especially on some of the the roads that haven't been traveled overnight. aaron and eun, back to you in the studio. maynard, thank you. 4:24. new details about a u.s. veteran detained in north korea for more than a month. 85-year-old merrill newman says he was held in a hotel room and not a jail cell. the dorian war veteran says he was well fed and comfortable. north korea released newman on friday citing his video apology, his age, and his health. newman was in north korea on a tourist visa. military police took him off a plane as he was about to leave pyongyang in october. he was accused of crimes from the korean war. and north korea confirming it removed the uncle of kim jong unfrun from the ruling party. accused of corruption,
4:25 am
womanizing and abusing drugs and alcohol. south korean intelligence leaders say the north executed two of his aides just a few days ago. the once powerful uncle was considered a mentor to the north korean lead er. leaders from all over the world are headed to south aftria to pay final respects to nelson mandela. they will be joined by former presidents carter, george w. bush, and bill clinton. the only other living u.s. president, george h.w. bush, has been in failing health and will not make that trip. and after the memorial mandela's body will lie in state for three days. his funeral is set for sunday. a number of memorial events are planned in our area this week in honor of nelson mandela. on tuesday night a pyer vigil outside the south african embassy. the national cathedral will host the u.s. memorial on wednesday morning. there are a limited number of tickets available. we have a link on our website,, where you can
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apply for a seat. our jim vance will be traveling to the funeral. live reports from him here on nbc 4. 4:26. d.c. gets a dose of winter weather. of right now it's ice that you have to worry about as you get ready this morning. we're taking a look at the trouble spots for you next. and we are staying on top of a number of accidents as well as what you can expect before you head out the door. stay with us. our coverage of this winter storm continues next at 4:26.
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welcome back at 4:28. prepare for a rough morning as the winter storm creeps its way out of the east coast. most of our area is still under a winter storm warning and will be until 10:00 this morning. and hundreds of schools in d.c., maryland, and virginia are closed today because of the storm. and nationwide more than 1,000 flights have already been canceled today. we aren't seeing any major problems, though, at reagan, dulles, or bwi marshall. take a look at this vdot camera near dulles airport at i-66 and 28. look at the icicles there on the camera. that's the situation we're dealing with right now. whatever is wet could be freezing over. and, of considers, we have been busy all morning following the latest developments including the latest conditions as this winter storm still having an impact on the area. we've been uptatie inupdati list of closures and delays
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including the federal government, open with a two-hour delay arrival. employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. thousands of children in our area can sleep in a little bit this morning. d.c. public schools are opening two hours late. fairfax, loudoun, prince william, and stafford county schools are closed. also in virginia, manassas city, manassas park, spotsylvania county, culpeper county schools are closed. alexandria schools opening two hours late, so are those in frederick county, maryland. a complete list scrolling at the the bottom of your screen now. you can feigned that list at as well. it could be a long morning if you have to head out today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein begins our coverage, our time coverage, this half hour, tom. good morning. i'm happy to report that much of the wade spread freezing rain we've had since last evening has broken up a lot. we just have scattered, light freezing rain.

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